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ALUXE 亞立詩鑽石|傳遞幸福不可或缺的永恆信物

ALUXE Quality

Unique Happiness

As in the beautiful love exercises in life, there is no standard answer. When you come to ALUXE, you can own the most unique happiness. We have the most GIA diamond ring style, the most wedding ring design, the most exclusive and exquisite craftsmanship, the most delicate and intimate personal service. We look forward to tailoring for you and reinterpreting every romantic encounter in the happy story.


Find Her Style

Engagement Ring - Tailor-made for Her

Your considerence reflects my tenderness, my life is different because of you. The vow for your other half is to go hand in hand for a lifetime, hoping to give her a romantic surprise and fulfill the unique love promise. We tailor-made series of happiness exercises, through careful observation in life, find the ring that is thought of in each other's mind and engraved with a unique imprint.


About Love,
Every Story is Unique

We cherish the uniqueness of every life story, We create your very own engagement and wedding ring like your private tailor. Showing the beauty of love is just what we aim for.

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