We cooperate with CITIZEN, a brand known for its jewelry and watches. Using the shape of heart to deliever the love between couples. Besides original designing concept, we also provide customize service. You are able to choose different finishing and engraving personal messages. Based on three concepts: words, appearance and feelings, you can show your true feeling to your beloved one.



Get stutterd when being face to face with your beloved ones? But, still, you would like to let him/her know by "words". Make this happen in your ring! "Lo Dico da moji", I want to express my thoughts by words.

Parole 65字的歌

Rotate the square-shaped ring 6 times to make wearing more comfortable. Through special techniques, two circles of text are engraved on the ring surface, and the interaction shows a special artistic sense. The promise of 65 words is a eternal song on the ring.

Iniziali 縮寫戒托

The pedestal inlaid with this diamond is called the setting. The two sides of this setting are the first letter, and between two abbreviations are set with a permanent shine. The protagonist of the engagement ring is the diamond that shines forever.



Because you want to express it in the form that you see in your eyes, you can make the "shape of heart" into a ring. If you can wear it on your body at any time, it will be the most beautiful secret promise. "Lo Dico da catachi", meaning I use shape to convey. my thoughts.

Cuore Segreto 秘密之心

A delicate V-shaped ring that makes your fingers look more beautiful. When you take down the ring, from a 45-degree angle, the beautiful shape of heart immediately appears, and if you wear it, no one will find it. This is the shape of the "heart" filled with the love of two people...

Infinito 無限

A sleek, large wavy ring with a very natural fit. After taking down the ring, from a certain angle, the beautiful infinite shape immediately appeared. The three-dimensional beauty is worn on the ring finger of the two, symbolizing the infinite and eternal love.



I want to turn my feelings into tangible objects. This ring represents my "feeling". Convey the ring to him with the idea. Lo Dico per Kimochi. I will convey "feeling"to him/her.

Pezzi 相合

I have met many people until you appear. Although I can't say it well, I have a unique feeling. This ring, although very simple, can fit together exactly in any size. This is the commemoration of the encounter between the two.

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Wedding Ring - Create your one and only

How to create your unique wedding ring? Using shining diamonds, glittering gold or platinum, and various finishing, you can easily become your wedding ring designer! As the witness of happiness, ALUXE consultants help tens of thousands of couples to create their wedding rings by different width, types, metal material and color. We help to bring love into wedding rings that only belongs to you.

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