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Happineses exists in daily lives in seasons. "Happiness is a compound of every micro moment of our lives." The day when two people fall in love shines like diamonds. Every refraction light up our love timeline. The light of early spring shows warmth; the light of summer delivers passion; the light of autumn is soft and quiet; the light of winter shines firmly. We try to interpret the beauty of happiness in life, and deliever the pure of love.

空 / 凝 / 青 / 和


Summer Light Collection

Refresh Sunrise

by @6.21_

温かみ / 包容感 / 生命 / はじまり


Spring Light Collection

Spring Colors

by @Soraky

孤獨 / 凝結 / 永恆 / Hope


Winter Light Collection

Gentle Dusk

by @erhchou

Find Another Style

Find Her Style

Engagement Ring - Tailor-made for her

Your considerence reflects my tenderness, my life is different because of you. The vow for your other half is to go hand in hand for a lifetime, hoping to give her a romantic surprise and fulfill the unique love promise. We tailor-made series of happiness exercises, through careful observation in life, find the ring that is thought of in each other's mind and engraved with a unique imprint. >


Wedding Ring - CITIZEN Collection

We cooperate with CITIZEN, a brand known for its jewelry and watches. Using the shape of heart to deliever the love between couples. Besides original designing concept, we also provide customize service. You are able to choose different finishing and engraving personal messages. Based on three concepts: words, appearance and feelings, you can show your true feeling to your beloved one.

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